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Scott Mousseau, CPA, CMAScott Mousseau, CPA, CMA

Meet your Online Accountant !

Scott Mousseau, CPA, CMA
Founder – CEO – Accountant

Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged when he was just thirteen years old and watched his dad launch his first business.  While getting involved with every part of the business, from production to Accounting, Scott felt that THIS is what he was meant to do, help “small” business owners.  The wave of the “Modern Accountant” is here! Scott does not consider himself as just your traditional Accountant.  With his wide range of education and experience, he truly believes he’s an “Entrepreneur”.  To be successful within very competitive markets you have to be determined and understand the true meaning of HUSTLE! Scott and the team at VMSCPA to bring as much value to our clients as possible, not just for Accounting but for BUSINESS!

What Can We
Offer You?

Time is the most important asset anyone can ask for. At VMSCPA, we offer professional Accounting services to individuals and businesses through the power of online and mobile technology, saving everyone TIME! Our processes allow our clients to focus on more important things and allowing them to be more productive in their lives. No more worrying about meeting those Tax Filing deadlines or getting your bookkeeping to balance, leave that to us!

We understand that individuals and business owners are not always available between regular office hours. Our Accounting professionals connect with our clients in various ways that are suited to what our client wants. Social media, Skype, Google Hangouts and the traditional phone call, are not uncommon ways our Accounting professionals communicate with our clients. Imagine having the ability to connect with your Accountant while sitting on a beach or in your home office. We HUSTLE to create client satisfaction by simplifying every Accounting task at the convenience of our clients.