What is Management Consulting and why do I need it?

As a business owner, have you ever felt the need to reach out to professionals because you may just not know the answer? Or have you felt that you want to hire someone to help bounce ideas off of or help with the “business side of things”?  Management Consulting is something that businesses of all […]

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Benefits of the Cloud Accountant

Have you considered what is best for you and your business? Today, more Accounting professionals are starting to notice the trend and move towards offering cloud based services to their clients. There are many benefits and solutions that cloud accountants can offer. Here’s a comparison between your traditional accountant or tax preparation service to a […]

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Accountant or bookkeeper? What would benefit me most?

You have reached a point in your business where you decide you need some help. At this point, business owners believe that the first step is to get an Accountant or Bookkeeper but do not understanding what each accounting professional does. But for some clarification, here’s some differences between the two roles: The Bookkeepers role […]

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